Our Strategy 2023-2025

The European AI & Society Fund Strategy 2023 – 2025 outlines three high level objectives that will help achieve our vision of a diverse and resilient civil society ecosystem that can shape policy around Artificial Intelligence so that it serves the needs of people and society, respects human rights and promotes fair, inclusive and sustainable democracies.

They are:
1. A greater number and more diverse range of civil society organisations have the capacity and skills to effectively engage and secure tangible impact on policy around AI.
2. A greater number and more diverse range of philanthropic institutions are engaged in sustaining civil society work in Europe on policy related to AI.
3. The European AI & Society Fund is a valuable participant in shaping a landscape where civil society work on AI can thrive.

It further provides direction for achieving these objectives and defines what the success will look like, guiding the day-to-day work of the Fund’s team.

This Strategy was adopted by the Steering Committee in October 2022.

Download our Strategy 2023-2025 here.

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